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Welcome to NexHub

NexHub allows you to control your Celestron telescope with more than one application at a time.

NexHub GUI

Have you ever wanted to run NexStar Observer List while also using your favorite planetarium software to control the telescope? Or how about plotting the locations of satellites with TheSky and using Satellite Tracker to track them at the same time? NexHub allows you to do all this and more!

And naturally, NexHub also works with hcAnywhere.

Other features of NexHub include:

  • a sophisticated caching algorithm that maximizes serial throughput
  • balloon help showing COM port statistics
  • LEDs that show connectivity status and that blink when data is transmitted and received for each device
  • ability to remap any slave port to another number to increase the number of available COM ports.

NexHub is also useful for developers who want to watch and log the serial activity to the telescope. As shown below, messages can be viewed and captured to a file for later examination.

NexHub and Activity Log

Download NexHub now.