MetaCurve: Video light curve and gamma measurement tool

MetaCurve is a tool for extracting lightcurves from video files or FITS sequences.

It is unique in handling 12-bit .SER format output by LucamRecorder using digital video cameras such as Lumenera.

MetaCurve strives to be interactive, easy to use, and hard for the user to make a mistake. It aims to generate a raw, linear lightcurve of an event such as an occultation.

It also handles .AVI files and sequences of FITS files.


Basic instructions:

MetaCurve in use, showing selected stars and their magnitudes. The status bar at the bottom has information on individual stars.

Close up of raw video with display gamma set to show the background. Highly zoomed in to show detail and noise.

Same view after pressing "Avg. 30 frames" to create an aligned and stacked average view revealing faint stars.

Download MetaCurve (zip file containing exe and 8-page pdf documentation) HERE

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