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MetaGuide: NGC6995 in the Veil Network Nebula, LRGB

Imaging OpticsCelestron C11 at f/5.7
MountCelestron CGE
Guiding SoftwareMetaGuide
Guiding ModeOff-axis guiding with Taurus mini tracker
Imaging CameraStarlight Xpress SXVF-H9
Guiding CameraLumenera SKYnyx 2-0M @ 8 fps
Exposure TimeRGB 8x10m, L 34x5m
Image Scale0.84" per pixel
Image ProcessingImages Plus, flats, bias, darks. Photoshop color
Image AcquisitionMaxim DL
Other SoftwareNexRemote, PECTool
LocationHudson Valley, NY
DateJuly, 2010
FilterAstromik LRGB