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MetaGuide: Eta Carinae Nebula in H-alpha, with Atik 383L+ and EdgeHD 11 with reducer on CGE-Pro

No processing other than linear stretch. No cropping. 5x10m exposures. Dithering with SGP and MetaGuide.

Automatic focus by SGP at start and after 40 minutes. Focus with Robofocus on the primary focuser.

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Eta Carinae Nebula in H-Alpha

Imaging OpticsCelestron EdgeHD 11 with reducer at f/7
MountCelestron CGE-Pro
Guiding SoftwareMetaGuide with dithering from SGP
Guiding ModeOff-axis guiding with Hutech OAG5
Imaging CameraAtik 383L+
Guiding CameraQHY5l-ii
FocusSGP and RoboFocus on the primary focuser - no mirror locks used - nothing manual
Exposure Time5x10m
Image Scale0.57" per pixel
Raw FWHMDown to 1.4" in subs
Image ProcessingCalibration and stack in custom software. Linear stretch in PhotoShop. No other processing or sharpening.
Image AcquisitionSGP
Other SoftwarePECTool, TheSkyX Pro for best guidestar selection with field of view indicator (FOVI)
Other HardwarePyxis OAG Rotator for best guidestar, Telegizmos 365 cover, Long usb cable to outside setup
DateMar. 3, 2016
FilterAstrodon 3nm H-alpha

Field of view indicator (FOVI) used to select guidestar. Guidestar imaged with 50ms exposures at 20 frames per second in MetaGuide - guide corrections every second at low latency.

Same image but slightly sharpened in PhotoShop

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Maxim view of Ha unprocessed stack, with final fwhm around 1.4"

View showing Edge11 imaging train on CGE-Pro. Pyxis rotator dials in guidestar based on FOVI angle measured in TheSky.