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MetaGuide: Elephant's Trunk Narrow Band

Imaging OpticsCelestron C11 at f/5.7
MountCelestron CGE
Guiding SoftwareMetaGuide
Guiding ModeOff-axis guiding with Taurus mini tracker
Imaging CameraStarlight Xpress SXVF-H9
Guiding CameraLumenera SKYnyx 2-0M @ 8 fps
Exposure TimeHa 9x15m, Sii 15x15m, Oiii 22x15m
Image Scale0.84" per pixel
Image ProcessingImages Plus, flats, bias, darks. Photoshop color
Image AcquisitionMaxim DL
Other SoftwareNexRemote, PECTool
LocationHudson Valley, NY
DateAugust, 2010
FilterBaader 7nm H-alpha, Sii, Oiii